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# A wise man once said,
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS We’ve done everything we intend to do to ensure that all of the stuff and not stuff we sell and don’t sell is described as accurately as humanly possible. If something you receive from us, like a 1 or a 0, doesn’t appear as described, appearing as a 2 or 3 for instance, it is completely and entirely somebody else’s fault. We are not to blame. WARRANTY We do not provide any warranty on any thing or service, intellectual or otherwise. We claim the right to include defects and self-destruct mechanism in all of our products, services, etc. APPLICABLE LAW By visiting thepointless.com, you agree that the laws and whims of thepointless.com, as maintained in the mind of its sole proprietor, will govern these terms of service and any disputes you may have with us and our products, services, policies, people, philosophies, or associates.
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